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2021 2022

"From the Deep South"

Multimedia concert with projections and magical storytelling.

Face-to-face: $95,000.-Clp

Online $55,000.- CLP

"A Look at the Soul From Science"

Understanding our goal in the Universe from the perspective of the scientific method. multimedia conference.

Face-to-face: $95,000.-Clp

Online $55,000.- CLP

For concerts/conferences outside the urban area of Santiago, transportation and accommodation costs will be added.

Schedule here:

Pay here:  


"From the Deep South"

Multimedia Concert plus images and such

On-line  $70 USD


If you believe that your institution carries out a task of preserving and disseminating Patagonian nature, values and cultures, you can apply to a charity concert or conference, where 100% of the net income will go to  to help in that common cause. Send an email to and put "Benefit Concert" in the subject and you will be sent a simple application form.

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