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Time was erasing the tracks, the great symphony was fading, the eyes that were once so wide were closing. Everything was becoming opaque and lifeless, and humanity was enclosing itself in its gray cubes.

Minds tried to keep busy so as not to fall into the void of the spirit, but the disjunction between humanity and the universal matrix led people to have strange hobbies, like short-circuited beings trying to understand each other from systematic error.

All riddled with absurd customs and dogmas, which led to not understanding the diversity of nature and the cultures that had adapted to that diversity for millennia.

Among other things, the delicate framework created over millions of years until reaching the Cenozoic era was devalued, the highest expression of the complexity of the universe, within which the human being was created.

Little and nothing remains of that golden era, except in some distant confines. Most of the planet is now covered in cement or crops. What was once a pristine capsule of blue life, after a very few years, the product of the systematic destruction of true forests and the burning of black poison; it has become dull and barren.


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