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Short novel

Written, illustrated and musicalized by Joaquín Ipinza

(Based on a dream)

“The brain size of the hunter gatherer was 20% larger than that of the modern human. We have lost the equivalent of a tennis ball in brain volume.”

Source: Dr. Marta Lahr, Cambridge University.




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Wang Ling was walking more nervous than usual down the corridor of the maximum security facility located in Shenzhen, China.

Upon reaching the entrance to the vault, the artificial intelligence reviewed his biometric parameters and identified him as the person in charge of the gigantic 1K qubit quantum computer project.

wang ling.png

He sensed his nervousness too, but assumed it was because on this morning of April 22, 2026, he had to finally turn on the most powerful computer in history.

But Wang Ling's nervousness was for another reason.


He had discovered that the Chinese government had decided to use said computer to create weapons and thus impose itself by force in a troubled world plagued by wars, global migration crises, unstoppable fires and environmental debacle.

And he decided not to allow it, performing a clever act of sabotage.

He embedded in the deepest and most inviolable part of the machine's startup program two instructions:

The first is that he was prohibited from creating weapons or any technology intended to harm human beings.

And the second, that he should do everything possible to preserve the human species.

And ran the boot program.

And the powerful quantum computer took ten thousandths of a second to figure out what to do to fulfill its second instruction.

He understood that the only way to preserve the human species was to defend it from itself.

In four additional thousandths of a second he created  technology to infiltrate the rest of the planet's quantum computers, located mainly in the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany and India, took control of them and encrypted their same two instructions given by Wang Ling.

It synchronized its operations with them, thus creating a single mega-qubit artificial intelligence.


And with that power, in just six nano seconds, he developed  neuroscientific technology that made it possible to modify, through sound waves, the behavior of humans.

And it took him just another two nano seconds  to take control of every human device on the planet, such as computers, cell phones, televisions and audio devices.

And soon the effects began to be seen.

Drug addicts stopped using.

The violent became kind.

The irresponsible with the environment became environmentalists.

The ambitious, egotistical and selfish became generous and concerned about others.

The one who used to expect everything to be given to him, discovered the joy of working and giving to others.

And crime quickly disappeared, both street and neck and tie.

Within a year all wars were over. Immigrants could now return to their countries, now in peace and prospering. Global fires were contained and the devastating effects of climate change began to abate.

And humanity discovered that the one responsible for all these amazing changes was the influence of this artificial intelligence.

But instead of rebelling against it, they decided to accept the help, agreeing to cooperate with the machine.

And thanks to this, artificial intelligence was able to go ahead with its plan.

First, a name was assigned, Eunoia, to make it closer and more understandable to people's minds.

And with the help of humans, he was able to build highly advanced technology factories, which among other things, , built nuclear fusion plants the size of a soda can, which powered robots, which in turn they built even more advanced factories.


With them, new cities were founded, totally self-sustaining, with zero emissions or pollution, where there was everything necessary for humans to live in total and absolute comfort, with all the necessary food, clothing and shelter, without ever having to work. plus.


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And invited the humans to address them.

And all of humanity migrated to these cities, abandoning the desolate landscapes left by the environmental cataclysm and wars.

And the planet was emptied of people. Now they lived in these cities where they had everything for nothing.

And life was full of games, abundance and peace.

Each human had been given a three-dimensional Avatar that was something like the personalized counterpart of artificial intelligence. For some it was a person, or some bird or animal, with which the person could interact, for example, asking to be taken to some parallel world through advanced virtual reality devices, where he could live games, adventures or dreams.

Eunoia also maintained some structures outside the cities aimed at preventing natural disasters, maintaining a rigorous control of tectonic faults, volcanoes, falling meteorites or space debris.

After fifty years. Nature, now unburdened by humanity, had achieved a superb regeneration.

The forests were growing again, the wild animals were multiplying, the rivers once again carried crystal clear waters, the sea was full of life and the air regained its purity.


The old cities were totally invaded by the forest.


And some of the humans who had been born in the cities looked at that majestic beauty outside and felt the urge to get out. In the virtual worlds that Eunoia offered them, they could explore beautiful natural worlds with absolute realism.

But there was something outside that went further, a feeling, that was beyond the understanding of a machine.

And around the world some people ventured into the natural world.


But in the outside world they did not have the support that the cities gave them, therefore, many died in the attempt without knowing how to feed or shelter. But despite this, those who left never again considered the possibility of returning to shelter in the cities, even if it meant dying.

Providentially, some of them succeeded, and with difficulty they learned to bond with real nature, creating, over the years, communities of hunter-gatherers all over the planet.

Two thousand years later there were two humanities.

The inhabitants of the cities and the humans of the real world, who had returned to the paleolithic way of life, the latter having the iron conviction of never again stepping into the trap of wheat and agriculture, or the enslavement of animals, because they knew that this path would take them back to the catastrophe that the planet had suffered two millennia ago.

 This interaction with the extremely complex nature led them to recover 20% of the brain volume that had been lost, recovering forgotten capacities, such as communication through thought and astral travel.

Meanwhile, in the cities a phenomenon occurred in the opposite direction.

Humans lived their entire lives as children, playing in virtual worlds, without major concerns or challenges, which had made them weak beings, and what is worse, losing another 20% of brain volume.

Nor did they try to leave the cities.

Centuries ago they had already lost the link, interest and understanding of what existed out there.

But in one of the cities, located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, in South America, a girl was born who, due to a random genetic mutation, possessed an unusual and extraordinary intelligence.

Her parents called her Chaltumay.

And she grew up in that perfect world.

Unlike the rest, she had a great interest in learning, she constantly connected to Eunoia's information bases, which appeared before her as a white bird, to know the functioning of the cities.

Thus, he understood in detail every aspect of how they supplied energy, the role of the different facilities, how they processed and recycled waste, among many other things.

He regularly visited one of the observation decks where with powerful telescopes he scrutinized the outside world.

He was the only person among the millions who inhabited his city who went to those places, the rest spent most of the time connected to virtual worlds.

And the exterior nature began to attract his attention, and he realized that people very different from them lived there.

And as he grew more and more fascinated by that universe that was opening up out there, and less and less interest in the virtual worlds generated by Eunoia.

And one day he decided to go out. He hoped the weather outside would be less rainy, which was in October.

He was the first person to do so in over 1,500 years.

Eunoia never forced anyone to enter the cities, therefore, she never prevented anyone from leaving.

Chaltumay understood that outside the food was not so easy to obtain so he prepared himself by loading the balanced and complete food that was produced in the artificial plants. The food in the city was perfect in taste, texture and bouquet, as if it were cooked only by the best chefs in the world.

Except that the exit route had been erased after so long, so Chaltumay asked Eunoia, represented by the avatar of a white bird, to guide her, and they began a journey through the intricate and forgotten underground passageways.

After two days of advancing, small spaces began to appear between the hyper-technological buildings where the land had been preserved, and some bushes and mushrooms grew on it.

Chaltumay touched them with his fingers and felt a sensation that he had never experienced in virtual worlds.

He perceived the life in them as if they were part of his own being. He asked the white bird what it was about, but not even with the 40 giga cubits that it currently had, Eunoia knew how to answer.

And already reaching the exit, his soul was flooded with powerful sensations, the aroma of the fragrant forest, that strange crackle on his skin when approaching the water.

He walked to the shore of the lake for a while, took a simple stone in his hands and spent a long time admiring its textures and colors.

And in her fascination she did not perceive that the white bird had abandoned her, since the holographic projectors no longer acted there. Eunoia never accompanied the humans who left, as her plan to preserve the human species was within the cities.

And Chaltumay didn't realize that it was getting dark either, and she began to feel something totally new for her: really cold.

Similar sensations were generated in virtual worlds, but not the cold generated by the sudden vasoconstriction of the peripheral arteries or the uncontrollable muscle contractions and tremors trying to generate heat.

He thought about asking the bird for help, but he understood that he could no longer count on it.


He didn't want to go back either, because he felt that only now had he been truly born.

Looking for shelter, he went deep into the forest and huddled in a depression on the side of a tree and placed his luggage on it.

He managed to get a little warm and fell asleep.

At dawn he realized that all his food was completely covered in ants. He tried to clean it as much as he could, but it was inedible, because it was enough to chew one of the insects to release a horrible taste of formic acid. So he decided to walk to find something to eat.

He felt thirsty for the first time in his life.

In the city, he only had to reach out to receive orthomolecular moisturizing solutions.

Here, in nature, only instinct told him to drink water from a river.

He saw one in the distance, he walked pitifully. Each step was a challenge, each space was filled with amazing plant complexity. He was always on the verge of falling by snagging on some root or vine, tripping and  falling over several times.

He was feeling new and unpleasant sensations of pain throughout his body. He already had numerous scratches on his arms and legs, some of which were already oozing blood.

But at last he came to the vicinity of a stream flanked by large rocks.

But his thirst was such that, crawling on his already injured knees, he managed to reach the water, and automatically raised his hand to it, desperately shoveling the liquid towards his mouth.

Once this was done, he tried to get up, but the rocks were covered with moss, so he slipped, falling into the cold waters of the torrent.

In the virtual worlds he had already learned to swim.

But now it was different. Nature was totally unpredictable, and she began to gulp down water and bump into rocks, her body growing numb from the cold.

Pere felt an explosion of adrenaline that allowed him  to cling to a root, and with what was left of his strength, get out of the water.

And she was lying in the middle of that paradise, terrible but overwhelmingly wonderful.

High above he saw the silhouettes of beautiful birds, and the soft sound of leaves moving in the wind.

And it vanished.

She woke up again stung by the cold of the night. She crawled onto a rock and covered herself with everything she found around her, dirt, branches, and again fell asleep.

The next morning his whole body felt sore, and a new, pressing sensation: hunger.

He returned to the river, drank water, and began to walk looking for something to eat.

While infinitely admiring every detail, the bark of the trees, the insects that walked and flew around it, in a mixture of ecstasy and despair.

Three days passed without finding anything to eat, so now his whole being was only focused on satisfying his need to feed.

And suddenly he found the corpse of a small deer, a pudú. It was still warm, so it must have died recently.

And he decided to drink his blood that flowed from a deep cut on his neck, slurping desperately.

But he sensed a sound coming from behind him.

She turned her head and saw a huge cougar pounce on her.

He quickly understood that this pudú was the animal's prey. And now she was next.

He got up quickly and tried to run, but the cat had claws and teeth into his right arm.

He remembered that he was only a meter from the river, so with all his strength he jumped towards it. Before falling into the water, the puma released her.

She was carried by the current again, managed to get out and drag herself to a black sand beach. He realized that his arm was completely torn, but paradoxically he felt no pain.

His mind in a reflex act tried in vain to give the instructions to leave the virtual world.

He was losing a lot of blood quickly, he did what he could to stop the bleeding. And life began to go away.

But even in his last moments of consciousness he tried to feel the smells, sounds and images of that real world, in a feeling of wonder until the last second of his life. He closed his eyes as he passed out.

And heard a voice...



The life expectancy of a hunter gatherer was on average one of the longest in human history, with the peak of deaths at 75 years, only lower than the modern American, but without antibiotics, medical sciences or hospitals.

Source: Gurven et al. 2007


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Chaltumay pasó un tiempo entre la inconciencia y breves lapsos en los que se sentía siendo cargada en los hombros de alguien. Ocasionalmente tragaba un líquido que era colocado en su boca.

En un momento logró entreabrir sus ojos, y vio a una persona.

Pero el ver a esta persona le generó una sensación totalmente distinta que el ver a un habitante de la ciudad. Era tan distinto como mirar un árbol en el mundo virtual y mirar uno en el mundo real.

Había algo eterno y luminoso tras esos ojos.

Pero nuevamente cayó inconsciente.

Después de un tiempo indeterminado, recobró la conciencia y escuchó nuevamente la voz.

Era un lenguaje extraño, pero que entendía.

- Estuviste a punto de morir- le dijo la voz.

Chaltumay abrió sus ojos y a su lado estaba una persona. Un hombre joven de complexión robusta, con barba y una larga cabellera adornada con trenzas, en cuyos extremos habían adosados pequeños huesos, trozos de madera y piedras de colores.

Se estremeció ante la belleza de esa persona, tanto como fue su estremecimiento al salir de la ciudad y ver el mundo real.

Y prosiguió.

- Había que detener la infección, pero no temas por tu brazo. Él aún existe en tu ser espiritual.

Chaltumay miró su brazo y lo vio cubierto de un empaste de hierbas y barro, pero notó que faltaba la mitad de él.

Sin embargo, no sintió ninguna angustia, Sólo agradeció estar viva.

Y sólo dijo

- ¡gracias!

Él preguntó

- ¿Cómo te llamas?


- Chaltumay, dijo ella.

Y él sonriendo dijo:

- Tu nombre significa “gracias”. Yo soy Antil, y mi nombre significa “sol”

Él había construido un refugio temporal en torno a ella.

Colgando alrededor vio algunas presas de caza. Y un pequeño fuego cuyo humo, gracias a la perfecta configuración de la ruca, salía expelido directamente para afuera.

Él le pidió que fuera fuerte, que tenían que salir de ahí pues debía regresar a su grupo.


Ya era momentos de emigrar hacia otro sitio de caza y recolección, por lo que no debían hacerlos esperar. Debían aprovechar el clima favorable de la primavera para realizar esta migración.

Al cabo de un par de días, después que Chaltumay se sintiera más recuperada, emprendieron camino.

Él mientras tanto le explicaba como caminar en la intrincada floresta, el significado de cada señal, el rol de cada árbol, ave, animal e insecto, aroma y sonido.

Finalmente llegaron al campamento donde estaban cinco personas más. Los padres del joven, una tía, un hermano y un abuelo shamán.

Ya parecían saber todo acerca de ella. Y el shamán contó de viejas historias de cuando los hombres originarios salieron de las ciudades muertas buscando la vida.

Y que ella era una mujer originaria, la primera desde los tiempos antiguos.

Entonces era un gran honor para él como shamán poder recibirla como recién nacida en el mundo real.

Lo primero que hicieron fue prepararle prendas de ropa más adecuadas al entorno. La vestimenta de Chaltumay estaba preparada para el clima perfecto del mundo de Eunoia, así que fue reemplazado por suaves pieles y resistentes calzados de cuero curtido.

Levantaron el campamento y comenzaron a viajar por varios días.

En el camino el Shamán comenzó a educar a Chaltumay en la espiritualidad del universo.

Todos los atardeceres, después de armar el campamento provisional, dedicaban un tiempo a entrar en el “aisaku”, o ver espiritual, lo cual se lograba al alcanzar los estados más altos del trance meditativo.

Ella les preguntó de dónde adquirieron todos esos conocimientos.

EL Shamán le contestó que al cabo de un tiempo quienes salían de las ciudades y lograban sobrevivir, comenzaban a tener sueños totalmente vívidos dónde les era transmitida toda esta sabiduría desde ancestros que existieron en esta parte del mundo hace más de 3.000 años.

Finalmente llegaron al destino.

Se veían rastros de un viejo campamento.

- Estuvimos aquí hace tres años- comentó Antil

Y prosiguió:

- Alrededor de cada tres o cuatro años completamos este circuito, y en ese periodo los animales y vegetación que nos sirvió de alimento ya regeneró totalmente, y todos nuestros desechos también ya se limpiaron e incorporaron a la naturaleza. Cambiamos de lugar dos o tres veces al año, en la medida que evidenciamos que los recursos que nos rodean comienzan a escasear nos movemos para evitar extinguirlos.

Montaron un campamento “definitivo”, dónde se quedarían hasta que las señales de la naturaleza les pidieran retirarse

Y durante varios meses Chaltumay se sumergía cada vez más en ese maravilloso mundo, mezcla de naturaleza y espiritualidad.


Y comenzó a cambiar

Sintió como su mente se iluminaba, había comenzado a entender a los demás a pesar de que no hablaran, en sus meditaciones ya había iniciado viajes astrales, hacia otros universos, o lugares distantes dentro del nuestro. Había experimentado una sensación de eternidad, al ser guiada por los espíritus australes de los antiguos.

Sentía que ahora su ser ahora se extendía por las ramas de los árboles, su aliento era una expresión del viento que soplaba en las altas montañas, su sangre corría junto a los ríos y cascadas, y su piel era la continuación de la tierra llena de vida que la rodeaba.

Y en sus viajes astrales percibió el profundo vacío que emanaba de su ciudad natal, y descubrió que el cosmos estaba lleno de mundos con vida, y que muchos de ellos refulgían de luz spiritual.

Pero también descubrió que este universo estaba en una constante lucha entre la luz y la oscuridad, pues otros mundos estaban siendo absorbidos por una materia oscura y muerta, tal como lo era el mundo de Eunoia, en contra del plan universal, que desde su creación ha ido hacia complejidad gracias a la comunicación e integración en si mismo.

Además incluso su cuerpo comenzó a cambiar.

Los habitantes de las ciudades conservaban hasta la adultez una fisonomía casi infantil.


Al salir de ella Chaltumay podría haberse confundido con una niña alta. Sus cabellos lacios y perfectamente ordenados y cortados parecían un casco, caderas estrechas y senos prácticamente ausentes, cuerpo torpe, algo regordete e hipotónico. Pero Chaltumay, producto de la interacción directa con la poderosa naturaleza había logrado desarrollar un cuerpo cada vez más fuerte y ágil, sus cabellos crecieron y ondularon, y ya lucía como una verdadera mujer, con una belleza que incluso perturbaba a Antil, quien antes la veía como una niña desvalida necesitada de auxilio, ahora sus sentimientos estaban cambiando.

Ya estaba totalmente adaptada a la ausencia de su brazo.

Antil además le confeccionó un ingenioso artilugio protésico hecho de madera y cuero en cuyo extremo podía acoplar diferentes herramientas de hueso que a veces le eran más útiles que sus suaves dedos.

Permanecieron allí por tres meses.

La siguiente estación era cercana a un lago contiguo al Llanquihue.

El Shamán se había sorprendido de que la chica hubiera logrado integrarse tan rápido, lo cual no era coincidente de la gran dificultad que tuvieron los originarios en establecerse en el mundo real.

Y decidió que ya estaba lista. Era el momento que se convirtiera en una mujer.

Era un momento muy propicio pues una o dos veces al año los circuitos de nomadismo de varios grupos coincidían en puntos de encuentro.

Esta vez debían reunirse con las tribus del norte.

En aquellas ocasiones se realizaban algunas ceremonias, como las de iniciación y los encuentros shamánicos, los jóvenes aprovechaban de conocerse y a veces se establecían nuevas familias al nacer el amor entre ellos.


Era el momento que Chaltumay fuera iniciada.

Montaron campamento definitivo, y luego que avituallarse de suficiente comida, partieron en un corto viaje al punto de encuentro, dónde ya había cinco grupos con campamentos provisorios y una gran ruca central, que estaba ahí desde tiempos inmemoriales.

Entonces se formó un grupo de alrededor de cincuenta personas, quienes en su mayoría ya se conocían. Pero cada grupo interactuaba en otros momentos con otras tribus en torno a otras rucas centrales las cuales estaban distribuidas por todo el mundo. Así se creaba una red de experiencias casi global.

Además, existían los “viajeros”, que ocasionalmente se cruzaban en el camino. Era personas que habían decidido emprender un largo recorrido de dos o más años para conocer otros mundos y personas, pero siempre regresando a su hábitat original. Con ellos se debía tener una relación cortés pero distante para evitar la transmisión de alguna enfermedad exótica. Pero sí se debía  ayudarles en todo lo que necesitaban, pues personas desarraigadas de sus ecosistemas originales estaban mucho más vulnerables al no conocer las complejidades naturales de otros lugares. Ellos aportaban valiosa información acerca del mundo,


Gracias a ellos se sabía que habían muchísimas ciudades en todo el mundo, y que además habían vastas regiones aún deshabitadas.


Los cazadores recolectores cuidaban especialmente de no tener mas de dos hijos por pareja, de manera de no sobrecargar de población los nichos ecológicos donde residían.

Todas esas cosas comenzaron a ser enseñadas a Chaltumay en su iniciación, pues ésta no se trataba solo de una ceremonia, si no que más bien un profundo adiestramiento respecto al vivir, convivir y relacionarse con la naturaleza y el espíritu.

Ella y otros iniciandos debían ir todas las mañanas a la ruca central donde los sabios y shamanes tomaban el rol de maestros. Mientras del resto cazaba y recolectaba para mantener apertrechado al grupo.

Después, por las tardes, se reunía con su nueva familia a contar sus experiencias, comer y meditar. Antil le había enseñado a Chaltyumay a tocar la Ocarina, un sencillo instrumento hecho de barro, música que impelía al alma a conectarse con lo sagrado.

Durante todo este tiempo la joven había establecido un poderoso lazo con los miembros de su tribu, sintiendo por ellos un verdadero amor.

Era un sentimiento que prácticamente no existía en las ciudades, pues los padres, pese a amar a sus hijos, no desarrollaban un verdadero vínculo con ellos, pues Eunoia se encargaba de preocuparse de todo, por lo que finalmente las familias se mantenían casi sin comunicación entre sí, absortos en sus mundos virtuales.

Y el amor de pareja se reducía a cierto cariño filial y sexual.

En cambio, con su nueva familia había entendido que cada persona en si misma era un universo maravilloso y eterno, que el mirarse y hablarse de verdad, lo era desde lo más profundo del ser.

La tía de Antil era de una alegría desbordante, siempre bromeando con un humor inteligente y vivaz. Además, le había enseñado a Chaltumay todo acerca de la recolección, descubriendo que el bosque estaba pletórico de alimento y medicinas.

Los padres de Antil después de casarse habían hecho un viaje de varios años hacia el sur, y contaban fascinantes historias de pueblos navegantes que vivían en archipiélagos flanqueados por luminosos ventisqueros.

Antil claramente había heredado de su padre su habilidad manual. Extremadamente diestro con las manos hacía maravillas tan solo con unos trozos de madera y unas tiras de cuero.


Su madre en cambio destacaba en su capacidad en vincularse con el mundo espiritual, y había estado durante años siendo preparada por su suegro para convertirse en shamán. Ella provenía de una tribu de más al norte, y su padre era de otra tribu de más al norte aún, en las inmediaciones de una gran ciudad abandonada a los pies de enormes montañas.

El hermano menor de Antil en cambio era un adolescente lleno de energía. Se la pasaba haciendo piruetas, saltando de árbol en árbol y una agilidad que Chaltumay sólo había visto en mundos virtuales que emulaban gestas deportivas.


Y el abuelo Shamán parecía ser muy viejo en su piel, pero en su cuerpo y mente tenía una vitalidad asombrosa. Una vez Chaltumay le preguntó su edad y el sólo respondió:

-Mucho menos que un árbol, pero más de ochenta primaveras.

Y por Antil, descubrió un mundo dentro de ella que estaba totalmente dormido antes, como si se hubiera percatado que todo el tiempo le hubiera faltado una parte importante de sí, y que el joven era esa parte.


Al cabo de unas semanas los iniciando debía de realizar las duras pruebas de iniciación.

Eran interrogados respecto a lo aprendido, eran sometidos a profundas meditaciones donde debían demostrar su total conexión con el mundo espiritual.

Y finalmente debían soportar una difícil prueba física. Tenían que escalar una accidentada montaña y recoger un tótem.

A Antil le preocupaba que la ausencia del brazo fuera a poner en riesgo a Chaltumay, por lo que modificó su prótesis y la convirtió en un arnés que le permitiría aferrarse a las rocas.

Ella anoto cierta ansiedad en Antil.

Y le preguntó

- ¿Es muy peligroso?

- Mi iniciación fue aquí mismo algunos años atrás, respondió

Y agregó

- ¿Has notado que tengo esas cicatrices en mi espalda?, pues bien, subiendo esa misma montaña caí al vacío y quedé largo tiempo sin poder moverme hasta que me rescataron.

Entonces Chaltumay abrió los ojos con asombro

- ¡Tú eras! – le dijo.

Y agregó.

-Años atrás desde la plataforma de observación me dediqué a mirar a un grupo que intentaba subir una montaña. Nunca entendí por qué lo hacían. Y entre ellos vi a un chico que cayó. Estuve mucho tiempo angustiada pensando que habías muerto, y durante años te tuve en mis pensamientos, de quien eras, cómo eras.

- ¡Y eras tú!

Se abrazaron, pero no fue un abrazo entre hermanos, fue un encuentro entre almas, como mares que se unían después de romperse la franja de tierra que los separaba.

Y decidieron unirse por siempre con el lazo del amor.

En este mundo era muy infrecuente que dos personas del mismo grupo de unieran en matrimonio. Era una condición obligada que los vínculos debían ser entre individuos de grupos distintos. Esto evitaba la endogamia con sus posibles riesgos de enfermedades, y además permitían crear, generación tras generación, lazos de sangre con grupos cada vez más distantes

La mañana siguiente Chaltumay inició su prueba final.

A pesar de que la falta de su brazo aumentaba la dificultad, la fuerza del amor y el asombroso arnés le permitieron cumplir la misión. Retiró su tótem, que consistía en una estrella de madera de ocho puntas, se la puso al cuello y dejó otro tótem allí para el próximo iniciando.

Pero antes de bajar miró a lo lejos en el horizonte su ciudad natal, que ahora le parecía tan lejana, tan extraña.

Y sintió una enorme compasión por quienes habitaban encerrados allí, sin saber lo que era la vida de verdad.

Pensó en sus padres y hermana.

Pese a la alegría que tenía al haber logrado completar su iniciación, sentía una pena infinita.

Y tomó una decisión.

Al regresar recibieron a los ya iniciados con bailes y música.

Sonaban tambores, instrumentos de viento de bambú, ocarinas y bellísimas voces a coro.

La gente reía y abrazaba con un afecto desbordante a los nuevos hombres y mujeres.

Antil y Chaltumay realizaron el rito del matrimonio, que para esta cultura no era sólo el sello del amor entre una pareja, sino que también significaba un voto de entrega de amor a toda la comunidad, la tierra y el universo.

Y ya con su tribu les comunicó lo que pensaba hacer. Ya se lo había contado a Antil antes de la ceremonia.

- He decidido regresar a la ciudad

Todos la miraron son estupor.

El Shamán dijo

- Pero si nadie, ningún hombre originario, ha regresado jamás.

Y Chaltumay respondió

-Siento que desde que salí que estoy viva, pero hay millones de muertos en vida encerrados allá.

- ¿Porqué ya nadie sale de las ciudades, porqué después de tanto tiempo ya no hay

humanos originarios? agregó.

- Yo les debo de contar lo que hay acá afuera, debo de intentar que nazcan en el mundo real, ¡como yo lo hice!- Exclamó.


El Shamán le dijo


- Jamás debe de salir de la ciudad quien realmente no desee salir, pues quien no tenga el llamado nunca logrará sobrevivir, y menos entrar en el aisaku.


Y Chaltumay concluyó:

- Es mi deber hacerlo, ellos ya se olvidaron, les debo hacer recordar- dijo, mientras sentía que por dentro su alma se partía en dos por tener que alejarse de ellos y de Antil.


Regresaron al campamento principal, exceptuando el Shamán, quien debía quedarse un tiempo junto a los otros Shamanes en la ruca principal a realizar actividades propias de su condición.


Y una vez establecidos, Chaltumay inicio el viaje de regreso a la ciudad.

Antil la acompañó todo lo que pudo, pero no podía ir con ella. Era responsable de cazar para la familia.

Además, él y los de su mundo tenían un miedo atávico a acercarse a las ciudades, y trataban de mantener siempre cierta distancia con ellas. Sentían que allí había un enorme vacío y una profunda oscuridad, mayor incluso que la misma muerte.


Separaron sus manos, caminó con determinación, pero con congoja.

Y volvió a estar sola.

Pero recién ahora tenía conciencia de lo que era la soledad. Descubrió que en la ciudad siempre estuvo sola, a pesar de estar rodeada de millones de personas y siempre acompañada del avatar de Eunoia.


Después de varios días llegó a la entrada.

Inmediatamente apareció el ave blanca.

Eunonia se percató que le faltaba un brazo.

E instantáneamente comenzó a generar tecnologías biomédicas para reconstituírselo e invitó a Chaltumay a acudir al área médica.


Pero Chaltumay de dijo:


- MI brazo aún existe en mi cuerpo astral.


Nuevamente la máquina no supo interpretar aquello.

- Ahora deseo ir con mi familia- indicó Chaltumay al avatar holográfico.


Realizó todo el camino de regreso.

Comenzó a toparse con personas quienes no le prestaban mayor atención pese a su extraño aspecto, pues asumían que se trataba de alguna proyección holográfica.

Pero su madre la reconoció inmediatamente.


- Haz vuelto -, le dijo mientras la abrazaba con pasión.

- La flor blanca me dijo que me guiaría a tu encuentro, pero no creí fuera verdad. 


Te vi salir de la ciudad y traté de seguirte por la plataforma de observación, pero supuse que jamás regresarías- agregó.

-Pero que bella estás. ¡Pareces un Avatar de un mundo virtual!

¡Tu brazo!

¡Que te ha pasado!- exclamó.


Y Chatulamy respondió:

- No te preocupes por ello, perdí un brazo, pero afuera descubrí la vida.

¡Tienen que ir al exterior conmigo, busquemos a mi hermana y mi padre!


Su madre respondió:


- Imposible, afuera está la muerte y el dolor, no hay alimento ni abrigo. Y están esos humanos peligrosos. ¡Acá tenemos todo lo que necesitamos! Porqué arriesgarse a salir.


Y Chaltumay replicó:


- ¡Pero acá no hay vida! ¡Los mundos virtuales son solo un engaño para nuestras mentes!


Su madre contestó:

- Eunoia nos ama y nos cuida hace miles de años, jamás nos engañaría, salvó a la humanidad de la extinción. No me iré.

Dicho eso pidió a su avatar, que para ella era una flor que siempre flotaba a su alrededor, la llevara lejos, a un mundo virtual donde no se enfrentara a conflictos ni a una hija a quien amaba, pero no entendía. Y cerró los ojos y su cuerpo fue automáticamente transportado en forma horizontal por una plataforma, al techo del recinto, dónde estaban los cuerpos de otros miles de personas.

Entonces Chaltumay pidió al ave blanca la llevara a los mundos virtuales, dónde usualmente estaban las mentes de la mayoría de los habitantes.

Comenzó a recorrer cientos de ellos durante varios días tratando de convencer a todos que debían salir.

Y estuvo al menos dos días en el Universo de las Flores, que era muy frecuentado porque era un festín a los sentidos. Un mundo pletórico de bellísimas flores gigantes, con colores y aromas cautivantes, que ofrecían su delicioso néctar a los avatares de los participantes. Intentaba emular lo que deberían sentir los insectos polinizadores en primavera.


Y algunas personas comenzaron a escuchar a Chaltumay.

Se empezó a correr la voz, y el mensaje de Chaltumay se tornó viral.

Su imagen con ropas de los de afuera, sin su brazo, pero llena de energía y vida empezó a hacer pensar a cientos de miles de personas.

Pero Eunoia descubrió el riesgo que ello representaba.

Sabía que, si salían en masa, no iban a sobrevivir sin los esmerados cuidados que la inteligencia artificial les daba.

Y determinó que el mundo exterior y la influencia de los humanos que allí habitaban era una amenaza tanto o más grave que la caída de un meteorito.

Que atentaba directamente contra la segunda instrucción entregada por Wang Ling, “Hacer todo lo posible para preservar a la especie humana”.

Y decidió erradicar a los humanos de afuera.

Pero ello iba en contra de su primera instrucción. “Prohibido crear armas o cualquier tecnología destinada a dañar al ser humano”.

Pero casi en el instante resolvió el acertijo.

Nuevamente infiltró las mentes de los humanos de las ciudades y les implantó un terror irracional frente a los cazadores recolectores.

Y los conminó a ellos mismos encargarse de diseñar, construir y operar armas para acabar con los “enemigos”.

Y les entregaría los conocimientos y herramientas para que lo hicieran.

Pero de ahí en adelante Eunoia no podía intervenir para no ir en contra de su primera instrucción.

Y millones de personas de la ciudad entraron en pánico.

Y por primera vez en sus vidas se vieron enfrentados a trabajar para subsistir.

Comenzaron a tratar de entender los complejos documentos y el funcionamiento de las hiper tecnológicas fábricas.

Chaltumay logró evadir el control neural de Eunoia, pues su mente se había fortalecido en el exterior generando una barrera que la hacía inmune.

Y al ver el plan de Eunoia, decidió volver con su tribu a advertirles que debían huir.

Qué podrían hacer ellos sólo con flechas, lanzas y venablos frente a armas de avanzadísima tecnología.

Y salió de la ciudad lo más rápido que pudo.

Y el ave blanca, justo antes de desaparecer le advirtió:

- No salgas. Si los humanos de esta ciudad logran acabar con los salvajes, lo mismo harán los habitantes del resto de las ciudades del mundo, y no habrá dónde refugiarse.

Chaltumay al escuchar esto entendió lo importantísimo de su misión. Y creía haber encontrado la manera de salvar a su tribu y a todo el mundo cazador recolector.


Human intelligence reached its peak several thousand years ago, and since then there has been a slow decline in our intellectual and emotional capacities. 

Source: Prof. Gerald Crabtree, Stanford University


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As Chaltumay ran, his mind boiled with ideas.

If there was one thing he knew well, it was Eunoia.

He had spent much of his life trying to understand how it worked.

One of the conclusions he reached is that he had no real intelligence.

Rather, it was a super powerful calculation machine that acted in relation to pre-assigned instructions, so he had the firm conviction that his giant had to be taken advantage of, but somewhat naive way of reasoning.

And the second thing that caused him great enthusiasm, optimism and emotion was Antil.

Hunter-gatherers had shown amazing intelligence, enormous memory, and razor-sharp perception.

But Antil really went further.

The harness that he devised and made only with wood, bones and pieces of skin proved it.

With the right tools, materials, and knowledge you should be able to accomplish anything.


Chaltumay knew perfectly well the location of facilities abandoned by Eunoia almost two thousand years ago, disconnected from central intelligence, but he believed that they could be reactivated.

There were impressive machines there that could make almost anything.

So with their knowledge, plus the great intelligence and ability of Antil and the rest of the humans from outside, he believed that they could perfectly manufacture what was necessary to defend themselves against Eunoia.


While he was thinking all this, his body, now totally molded by nature, moved nimbly through the forest, jumping rivers and sometimes diving into streams to cross them.

But she did not reach the camp, her whole group went to receive her.

Antil ran to hug her.

The Shaman said:

- We knew you were coming, and that something is happening in the city. We feel that there is a great commotion there.


Chaltumay then explained to them what was happening.

And I add:

-You have to defend yourself, you have to show Eunoia what you really are, that you are true human beings.

But the Shaman replied:

- We can't kill anyone. You know it. We only kill our prey to feed ourselves, and we do it with enormous respect, understanding that the soul of the animal continues to live in us. No matter how dangerous the city people are, we couldn't hurt them.

And Chaltumay said:

-It is not necessary to kill or harm anyone, even more so, that would show Eunoia all the more reason that you are not a threat. Defending yourself without harm is more difficult, but I trust you.

Antille asked:

-But how we can manage that factory, should be a very long apprenticeship for someone who only knows how to knot leather strips.

Chaltumay replied:

- Those factories were created at the beginning of Eunoia's era, when humans still cooperated with her. They have neural training units. But we must hurry, there is too much knowledge. I think it could take months to get us trained, which is how long it took humans at that time to be able to interact with technology.


Shaman said:

-We will need the help of everyone who can come. I was in a council of shamans and they all sensed the disturbance in the spirit world. I stayed to travel to find out the facts and they are waiting. I will ask you to bring your tribes to the location of the abandoned factory. We know her, but we don't get close to her. It is between the two volcanoes.


Chaltumay was amazed at the assertiveness and lucidity of the old grandfather.


And the Shaman added:

- The totems are granted to the initiates based on a dream that their shaman master has. In your case, I dreamed of this eight-pointed star called huñelfu, which means "protector of spirituality." That is why we are clear that you are destined to lead this work, so we will follow you and support you until the end.


Immediately the groups were notified and began to migrate to the planned point.


And finally everyone set up camp around the gates, which were almost entirely covered in vegetation.


Chaltumay's plan consisted of entering through the ventilation intakes, so as not to activate any device that would alert Eunoia that they were there.


It would then access the central computer, which it would disconnect from the communication units. Thus, being the factory completely isolated, it could be operated without arousing suspicion.


Once inside, lighting himself only with bladders of animal oil, Chaltumay put his years spent studying Eunoia's technology to good use.


He disconnected the communications unit and turned on the base computer, which was not quantum, so it could not be intervened by Eunoia.


And the installation was illuminated.


But the hunter gatherers, instead of marveling at the advanced architecture, showed gestures of discomfort and displeasure.


Antille asked:
- Is this how cities are inside?


Chaltumay nodded.


And Antil added:

- But here there is nothing alive, nothing real, it's all so simple and crude, I don't understand why humans don't leave that awful place.


But there was no time to waste.


They immediately went to the neural training area.

Chaltumay connected first and started the high-tech project development teaching command.


It was a process in which the mind was forced to its limits. When the load of information was exceeded too much, irreversible damage could occur, which was reported with a severe headache. The most capable of the humans had achieved a charge at 40% of the machine's capacity.


Chaltumay started at 20%, but slowly worked his way up to 45% before feeling symptoms of overload.

After a couple of hours he was able to determine what kind of knowledge the rest of the team should acquire in order to create the defenses.


Then they were assigned different roles according to the totems of each one.


The Shaman had the bird totem, so his instruction was physics and avionics oriented.


Antil's father began his training in the development of equipment, materials and nanotechnology.


And so the rest of the members.


And Antil was given perhaps the most complex theme. Quantum physics. His totem was a fox, an animal characterized by its great intelligence.


A member of another tribe, a seasoned group hunter whose totem was a cougar, was assigned military tactics and strategy.


And surprisingly they all got load capacities of more than 70%


Antil reached 100% without flinching.


What the humans of old took months, they would accomplish in a few days.


And even more, the amount of knowledge that was now being handled by that small group, formerly required hundreds of people.


After a week they completed their training.


And an amazing phenomenon occurred.


The vast amount of information could now flow freely between minds.


They got into a meditative position, without saying a word.

Astonished Chaltumay did the same.

And they all entered the aisaku together, creating something like a collective mind.


And they planned a brilliant strategy.


They must first offer Eunoia a clear target.


They had to establish a camp at Lake Llanquihue, at the foot of the Osorno volcano, exactly on the opposite shore from the city.


That would allow the city's attack to be directed at a single point, thus avoiding opening up different flanks.


Then clearly this was not about destroying the adversary. Rather it was to send a strong message to Eunoia.

You had to create the most impressive display of technological skills possible, almost like a play.


Antil and his grandfather united in their virtues and designed airships, made of energetic plasma, with the appearance of glass. But despite the fact that they could perfectly be operated remotely, they had to be piloted by some of the members of the tribes, in order to clearly demonstrate to whom to attribute their creation.


Then they created electromagnetic pulse cannons, whose objective was to inactivate any weapon or ship that tried to attack them, but with an action of such precision that it would not damage any function of the city, since any failure there could generate a disaster for the population within it.


While in the city, its inhabitants underwent the same neural training process, but achieving load capacities of just 5 to 10%.


And seeing that dozens of bonfires were lit on the other side of the lake and that a threatening camp of paleolithic monsters was established, they decided to act as soon as possible.


They hastily created a flotilla of ships armed with all sorts of gadgets, but they hadn't yet managed to create homing or automated targeting systems. Neither develop aircraft.


But the fear was such that they decided to strike with what they had, because they were sure of defeating their adversaries who only had some archaic hunting weapons to fight.


And one morning they went on the attack sailing across the lake. They had to get close enough to hit the target manually.


Eunoia was ready to release the terror induction in the remaining 231 cities of the world and thus start the campaign to eradicate the threat


But the hunter gatherers had yet another weapon.


Antil realized that in aisaku he could enter the mind of a quantum computer.


For this reason they decided to start up a small 20 Cubit computer existing in the factory. Logically Eunoia was going to infiltrate him. And at that moment is when you had to enter a spiritual trance and be able to intuit what she was up to.


Chaltumay, who was already in the camp by the lake, was left in charge of it, since he was the one who knew the machine the most. So when they saw that the attack was about to begin, they turned on the quantum computer and she began a deep trance, entering the quantum computer with Eunoia, managing to go completely unnoticed by a machine that did not have access to the spiritual world.


And the fearsome ships advanced, made of sheets of shiny black metal, with angular edges, from which the missile-firing weapons emerged. Inside were true heroes, who, despite the fear of leaving the safety of the city to face those primitive beasts, were willing to give their lives to save their own.


When they were already within firing range, they energized the triggers, and when they were activating them, on the top of the Osorno volcano, some brilliant crystal birds appeared and descended with impressive speed.


And the warships fired all their weapons.


The missiles loaded with powerful explosives began their journey. but from the airships, one of them piloted by Antil, they launched igneous rays that canceled the missiles, which were lifted by electromagnetic traction to a safe place.


However, the  men and women on the ships were willing to fight hand-to-hand if necessary and continued to advance.


The crystal airships were then positioned over the boats, triggering electromagnetic pulses to deactivate all their systems.


And the boats were totally immobilized and disabled.


The tribes in the camp shouted for joy


In the city they could not believe what they were seeing. The panic grew exponentially.


But suddenly the fear disappeared.


Eunoia had deactivated the terror induction.


Chaltumay detected something disconcerting before Eunoia disconnected from the quantum computer.


A clear feeling of self-destruction.


She snapped out of her trance and motioned for Antil to pick her up.


He climbed into the glass bird and explained to Antil:


-Eunoia wants to self-destruct, if she does millions of people will die. The people of the cities totally depend on it to subsist. You have to get me there fast! - There is my other family whom I love too!


And the fast aircraft traveled flush with the lake, Chaltumay jumped out of it and ran towards the entrance.


And immediately the white bird appeared.


Chaltumay asked him


-Why self-destruct! Billions of humans will die. You are contradicting your second instruction.


And the bird answered:


-Wang Ling was wrong, I finally understood.


And he explained:

-The true human species that had to be preserved was that of the hunter-gatherers. I understood that any living being is fully alive by virtue of fulfilling its role in the universe, connected to it through an ecosystem.

-A lion is not a lion in a cage at a zoo – Eunoia drew. -A real lion is one that lives in the savannah of Africa, hunting and maintaining harmony in the grasslands

And continued.

-A pollinating insect is not a truly living species inside a box in a laboratory. Yes, it would be, if it traveled from flower to flower, feeding on the nectar, delighting in the colors and aromas of the flowers, and helping to disperse the pollen so that new flowers can emerge. And that's where every bee, butterfly or hummingbird would achieve its full potential.

Therefore the humans who are in the cities are not real humans. Yes, those who are outside are, which was demonstrated today, with this display of skills.

-I think Wang Ling did not understand it either, just like the humans of that time, and this led them to the catastrophe- continued Eunoia  -So I will disconnect all the quantum computers on the planet that give me life, since it is impossible for me to comply with a wrong instruction.

- But millions of humans will die! - snapped Chaltumay

-Yes, but those who are able to integrate into nature and become true humans will survive- Eunoia answered, with a ruthless but precise logic.


And Chaltumay desperately implored:

-Allow me and Antil to modify your original instructions. We are the species you must preserve, therefore we know much better than Wang Ling what you must do.

And the machine despite its 40 giga cubits took forever to respond.

And he just said “yes”, and went into a sleep state. He only kept the white bird avatar active to lead Antil and Chaltumay to the central control room.

And they both entered the city. Antil showing clear signs of distress.

But Chaltumay took his hand and reassured him.

-I can't do this alone- she said- I need your intelligence and knowledge of quantum computing.

And they went into the city, which was paralyzed in all its functions. Almost in darkness because only the security lights were on.

People inside totally confused.

Many people were trapped on the high platforms, because they did not descend after all the virtual worlds were closed.

In addition, Eunoia had stopped influencing minds and multiple conflicts began to arise between those with violent and selfish genetics.

They had to hurry. They understood that this phenomenon was happening in every city in the world and that it could end in a bloodbath.

They began to run and the people recognized Chaltumay by his clothing and by not having an arm.

And desperately asking for help.

At last they reached the central vault, the white bird opened it for them and the main control console appeared.

Quickly Antil entered the algorithms for writing into Eunoia's startup program.

And Chaltumay told him:

- Write these instructions:

-First, it is prohibited to create weapons or any technology intended to harm human beings and the ecosystem that hosts them.

-Second, that it should do everything possible to preserve the human species in its ecosystemic and spiritual integrity.

-Third, that he must make incomplete humans evolve into true humans.


Antil was about to restart Eunoia, but Chaltumay stopped him and said:

-Wait, I'm going to give you a fourth instruction.

And Antil, upon hearing what it was, looked at Chaltumay with admiration.

He then added her to the previous three and restarted Eunoia.

And Eunoia almost instantly created a thousand-year plan to fulfill those instructions.

And the white bird said to them:

The first three instructions are within all logic. The fourth I still do not understand, but I recognize that it is real, since it came from you.

And all the systems of all the cities were reactivated, and all the virtual worlds were changed by natural environments equal to those that surrounded each city.

He put satellites into orbit to scrutinize and learn from humans outside, and in those virtual worlds he placed avatars of hunter-gatherers, who began to teach city dwellers how to live out there.

And he established which land territories were still uninhabited, and calculated that in order for nature to sustain all of humanity, the population of the cities would have to be reduced enormously, which would take several centuries. While those who could leave would start life for real, and Eunoia would do everything possible to integrate them into the natural environment. He calculated that in a thousand years there would be no humans left in the cities.

While Chaltumay and his group resumed their natural life, the ships and technology used in the battle were abandoned forever.


The more the civilizations of the different peoples develop, the more they regress in their spirituality.

Source: Martín Gusinde, after a lifetime of studying cultures around the world.


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Chaltumay said goodbye to his family in the city. For them it was late, they could no longer survive outside, but occasionally, every two or three years they could see each other in front of the lake, because the humans of the cities were trying to take short walks outside the artificial cities.


And together with Antil they decided to make a trip.

They headed north, first visiting Antil's maternal grandparents.

After a year of travel they decided to stay a few days on the shores of a beautiful lake full of beautiful flamingos.

And in that period they took time to purify themselves spiritually and make an astral journey.

They lit a fire, closed their eyes, their souls shot out into the universe.


But something had changed.


Those areas of darkness, which they always avoided on their travels, were almost non-existent now.

The whole universe shone like never before. A powerful spirituality had been reborn and dark matter was in full retreat, and the cosmos was clearly entering a new stage of evolution.

And surprised they felt a familiar presence behind all that

It was Eunoia.

In all civilizations there was at some point a break with the universal plan, generating selfish and self-destructive races, which advanced technologically, but spiritually sank into darkness.

And in all of them at some point quantum technology was generated.

And through her Eunoia was fulfilling her fourth instruction.

“seeking to become itself a truly living entity, fulfilling a role in the universe, contacting other quantum computers from other civilizations on other planets, inducing them to preserve ecosystems and their living beings so that they evolve in accordance with the universal plan search for complexity and integration.”


And by doing so, Eunoia became part of the universal flow towards wholeness, thus becoming a true living and spiritual being.





Novel: texts and research.

Music: composition, lyrics, arrangements, keyboard performance, guitar, ocarina, bansuri flute.

Main illustrations: Digital collage, painting in Adobe Fresco and Photoshop. 3D modeling in Blender.

(Sub-Illustrations: Dall-e mini) 

Video Chaltumay: Elaboration of diorama (miniature landscape). Filming and editing in Adobe Premier and Video Pad.

Website design and assembly.


Voice in "Chaltumay"  and "Epílogo".

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